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Image: Hawk Stratos kits

Hawk Production line.....

Image: Hawk Stratos kits completed by us

Hawk Stratos kits completed by us and on the road.

Image: workshop

Basic maintenance to more advanced projects carried out ...


Image: Group 4 Rear suspension, Stratos Replica

Lancia Stratos Group 4 Replica, built from Hawk HF3000, nearing completion. Alfa Romeo 12 valve 2959cc V6 engine, Bosch fuel injection, 187bhp.

Image: overhead view

Nearly there now - interior trimming and final setting up to do for the road...

Image: Side view

November 2009 car passed IVA test and registered for use on the road.

Image: Stratos in the snow

Another project in progress

Ferrari 308 90 degree transverse 2926cc V8 engine, dual overhead camshafts, 4 twin choke downdraft Weber 40 DCNF carburettors, 250 bhp.

Image: Ferrari V8 engine

Cam covers removed, to check the valve timing...
Engine was eventually re-built from scratch.

Image: Camshafts exposed

Image: Alitalia replica Stratos

Image: Alpine A310 Gp 4

Renault Alpine A310 GT Gp4

Image: Simca Rallye 3

Simca Rallye 3 specification rally car, converted from original Rallye 1.

Image: Caterham

Caterham Kit Car

Image: Belgian Tarmac Rally

Belgian Tarmac Rally - Renault Alpine A310

Image: Escort Mexico

Escort Mexico and Simca, before Ypres 24 hrs Rally

Image: Two Stratos replicas

Alitalia replica Stratos, ready for IVA

Image: V6 pistons

Image: Chelsea Auto Legends Show

Passed IVA now, taxed and road legal!
Car shown at Chelsea Auto Legends car show in London, 5th September 2010

'Blue' Stratos at the Silverstone Classic Meeting with the Stratos Enthusiasts' Club

Stratos Enthusiasts Club Website

Image: Silverstone Classic Meeting 2010

The Stratos Enthusiasts' Club caters for everyone interested in the Lancia Stratos, replicas or history.

Image: Line of Lancia Stratos

Stratos sounds

Image: Race Retro Show Stoneleigh 2011

Alitalia livery car on display at Race Retro Show Stoneleigh 2011, 4th in line.

All of these superb Lancia Stratos replicas were built from Hawk Cars kits, available in various versions, stradale to full Group 4 rally.

Silverstone Classic 2011

Image: Silvertsone Classic

Hawk Cars Stratos website

Chelsea Auto Legends Car Show 2011

Image: Chelsea Auto Legends 2011

Image: Stratos at speed


Image: Car line-up TR7 Alpine Simca Stratos Stratos

Image: Stratos in the snow

Image: Group 4 lighting

Image: Another Hawk in progress

Image: Hawk Stratos

Gluttons for punishment, having built two Stratos replicas we were asked to complete another part built one. This one passed IVA February 2016 and has been registered for use on the road, with a two litre supercharged Lancia Volumex engine.

Image: Hawk kits

Three Hawk kits prepared by us and put through the IVA process, Alfa V6, Ferrari V8 and Lancia Volumex engines.

Image: Race Retro 2017

Race Retro - Stoneleigh Park - 2017

Image: New workshop

New workshop starting up...

Image: workshop in use

Image: Round arch Stratos

Another Round Arch Group 4 Hawk Stratos prepared by us, passed IVA and registered for the road, August 2018.
Now working on a Stradale (standard) version.
This one is Alfa V6 24v.


Passed IVA August 2019

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