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Solar panels installed onto the Grain Store roof at Alland Grange, 2012.

These provide power for the grain drying fans and surplus electricity to feed the National Grid.

Image: Loading panels onto the roof

Image: Last of the solar panels being fixed in place

The project is a government supported 'Green' initiative to promote renewable energy.
The technology is in its infancy, but hopefully will contribute to the efforts to reduce carbon emissions.
It will be some years before we can assess the success (or otherwise) of the project.

Panel Type REC 240PE
System Size 44 kWp
No. of Panels 187
Panel Orientation South
Total System Peak output kW/peak
Average annual UK estimated yield kW/h of system (first year)
Carbon Emission Saving Figure Kg CO2/kW/h (Table 12 SAP 2009)
Total predicted Carbon Emissions Savings Kgs CO2/ Annual
Total predicted Carbon Emissions Savings Kgs CO2/ 25 Years
Total Area of Solar Modules m2

Installation by Beba Energy UK

Similar smaller system now installed at Sarness Farm, 2013. Both functioning well, ahead of expectations.

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