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Image: Roof completed

Image: Roof

Construction of the new grain store at Alland Grange is finally under way and the roof is on!
Hopefully all will be ready for harvest...

Image: Floor laid, concrete walling erected

Concrete grain walling installed and floor laid.

Final concreting was completed and the store was full within days!

Image: tractor and trailer unloading into store

Image: Interior, filled with grain

Erection and design of the building by Tey Farm Systems.

Tey Farm Systems

Other projects in the pipeline:
1. Replacement fertiliser store.
2. Replacement general store.
3. New grain store at Sarness Farm.

Image: Construction of Sarness Farm Grain Store

Sarness Farm Grain Store now well under way....

Image: Main structure completed

Store now fully operational and waiting for harvest.
All we need is the weather!

Image: Loading grain store

Harvest in at last...!

Image: phone mast

New Phone Mast erected 2017, to serve Waltham area, 02, Vodaphone etc.

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